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Julie Scott – Director

Every ambitious company needs a clear vision, with a business plan and over-arching strategy in place to facilitate growth. Our clients are great at what they do. They live and breath their businesses, but rather than become isolated within the business, they recognise improving a company’s sales figures relies on identifying barriers to success and embracing positive change.

Great Scott Sales Auditor is a unique business improvement tool, offering an outsider’s perspective, with a focus on sales development, highlighting potential issues and suggesting solutions.

With a focus on your sales people, processes and pipeline, we spend time in-house with all sales focused personnel throughout the business and conduct a deep investigation into any gaps in skills, resources and threats to future income. We report on our findings and make recommendations for improvement.

Following the sales audit report, our recommendations might include further work with any number of our team of experts. We cover numerous important components that can enhance the sales journey including team motivation, HR, recruitment, dispute resolution, sales skills training, management training, PR, marketing strategy, GDPR auditing, social media training, bespoke CRM’s and ERP’s, management reporting, ISO9001, client retention, scaling, pricing strategy, identifying new markets and more.

Ultimately, our expert consultants help streamline business processes, improve internal structures, strategy and communication to facilitate sales growth and improve customer service – giving financial institutions confidence when taking up investment opportunities.

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Having recently achieved BRC accreditation, assuring a global standard of excellence, we wanted to introduce our services to more retailers and approached Great Scott Marketing to assist with appointment setting for our busy UK sales team. Upon meeting Julie Scott, she instantly broadened our horizons for new business opportunities not only gaining us appointments, new dialogue and quote opportunities with larger retailers as originally asked, but also immersed herself into the team, listened to their challenges. She undertook other projects such as looking at the benefits of new CRM systems; a review of lapsed clients, ensuring 70% of them came back; launching a telephone customer survey which has helped us realise how much our customers value us, given us a lot of positive messages to share internally and externally and will empower us to improve our customer service even further. We will be calling on the services of Great Scott Marketing again, and highly recommend having a chat with Julie to identify ways of improving sales activity, processes and people.

Steve Quinlan

Managing Director, Coventry Group Ltd

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